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Number of Cities and Towns in California without the letter "E"

posted Feb 28, 2013, 7:08 AM by Bill Schuller
There is a meme emerging lately challenging the massess with simple quizzes. Most of them are silly, but these "Name a  ______ without the letter __" challenges are pretty great. Great in the sense that there are so many right answers. Everyone must feel like a genius! 

I used some of the basic features of Intuit's QuickBase product to graph the percentage of cities and towns without and "e" in the name. QuickBase is a pretty powerful tool. It has an open API with abstractions for most languages. It is extremely empowering to users of many levels of expertise. Perhaps most powerful to novice users as it is trivial to set up data-oriented applications. Check out the read-to-use applications for tracking anything from Projects to SOX regulatory compliance.  

It turns out, 481 (39%) cities and towns in California do not contain the letter "e". That is a lot of right answers.

Number of Cities:
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