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Reliving the Quantified Car Wreck

posted Aug 23, 2013, 9:15 PM by Bill Schuller
My car has been fixed up like new after my recent wreck. This afternoon as I was returning from to the office from my appointment I nearly re-lived the same wreck. A driver made a left turn from a stright-only lane right in front of me as I was proceeding straight through the intersection from my straight or left lane.

I have occasionally turned on the accelerometer and gyro logging in FluxStream Capture while I drive. This time around, I have even more data. You can see the massive deceleration and the associated spike in my heart rate and drop in my beat spacing (RR). I haven't pulled my GPS data yet, but I was able to spot this easily in the FluxStream graph. Those dips in the Acceleration data really stand out.

Interestingly, my heart rate also reflects my mood afterward. Initially relieved that I didn't get hit this time, then enraged that it had nearly happened again, calming slowly as I composed in my head a letter to the City of Addison imploring them to add more signage at that intersection. ;-)

FluxStream Graphs showing Heart Rate and motion capture data