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Very uncontrolled, unintended study on cognitive effect of MCT oil supplementation in 5 year old boy

posted Dec 13, 2012, 7:52 PM by Bill Schuller   [ updated Jan 7, 2013, 8:34 PM ]
As part of the standard kindergarden curriculum in the public school my son attends, he is assigned two books to read each night. One book is chosen by the teacher and he reads it with a group at school and again to us at home. The second book is referred to as "self-selected reading". Luka can choose for himself any book he wishes from a curated selection of age appropriate material. He can currently select from any of 10 reading levels rated from A (easiest) to J (hardest).

When my family and I returned from Thanksgiving break, I began adding 1/4tsp MCT oil to both of my kids standard supplement regimen of 1/4tsp Probiotic Ultra Blend, 1/2tsp Vitamin D3 and 2 Nordic Naturals DHA capsules (beyond time to up it to 4!). I've since upped the MCT to 1/2tsp, easing them into it. I had been on a mission to get my kids eating more fat in the morning rather than the "all gulcose all the time" standards of whole grain cereal, whole grain waffles or whole grain toast. I was appalled after discovering how exactly wheat affects the body while reading Wheatbelly by William Davis. Sending my kids to school with their poor little bodys fighting hyperglycemia instead of putting slow burning energy to use forming new synaptic pathways now feels like negligence to me.

The results are not controlled at all. In fact, I know that I had without any association been encouraging Luka to challenge himself with higher level reading. His abilities have also progressed naturally as a part of his schooling. I would never go so far to say that MCT oil was the only cause for Luka's selection of more challenging reading material. However, while reviewing the log he keeps of his reading selections, I was surprised to find a strong correlation. The first week back from Thanksgiving break was November 26th, the same week Luka first selected a Level E book. Since then he has not selected anything less challenging than a Level F book. While it's entirely irrelevant, I'm tempted to do the statistics... 

Self Selected Reading Log showing more challenging reading selections over time