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09-18-2009 - Chatted with ConTec regarding USB issues, was redirected to FaceLake
    If you have any opinion or suggestion to our product or service, please feel free to contact us online at any moment! We will give you a detailed answer.

contec 00:53:41
Hello, Can I help you?

I 11:55:22
Hello, I have purchased a CMS 50-E Oximeter and it doesn't seem to enumerate properly on the USB bus. Because of this, windows will not allow me to install the provided driver. It is using firmware revision 0.92. Is there a newer firmware I can apply to the device.

I 11:55:42
I explicitly purchased this device for it's USB capabilities.

contec 00:56:13
well, from whom did you buy it ?

contec 00:56:31
This is Solomon, glad to serve you.

I 11:56:54

I 11:57:50
I didn't see that it was available directly from Contec until I searched around to try and solve the issue.

contec 00:57:44
oh, that is a distributor of ours

contec 00:59:30
I am sorry to say presently I have not what you need

contec 01:00:05
please contact the facelake for what you want

I 12:00:31
Okay, thank you.

contec 01:00:36
you are welcome

contec 01:00:52
and moreover,could you give me your e-mail?

I 12:02:06
You may reach me at

contec 01:02:18

I 12:03:37
I would actually be interested in providing feedback to product development if Contec is interested in that. I am very impressed with this product, but I haven't found something that meets my somewhat particular needs.

contec 01:03:46
yes, we are interested, you can send the feedback to

contec 01:04:06
so then what is your particular needs?

System Message 01:13:53
You did not answer for a long time, has been disconnected. If necessary, to call customer service again.